One of the defining features of Legend of Zelda games has always been the epic soundtracks. Even back in the day of Link’s Awakening and A Link To The Past, the music has played a huge part in setting the tone of our adventures.

In my opinion, Ocarina of Time has the perfect soundtrack. Every piece of music makes a particular moment or location memorable. So, I decided to share my top 5 favourite pieces of music from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

1. Ocarina of Time Title theme - This piece sets the scene for the whole game. Whenever we switched on our N64s this is the piece of music that would greet us. I believe the instrumentation has been chosen to depict the three Triforce bearers; the harp and piano sound kind of mysterious and somber but the ocarina melody encourages adventure and hope. It’s such a beautiful piece of music. It's not really uplifting, but it conveys the gravity of the journey you're about to undertake. Getting shivers over here just thinking about it!

2. Hyrule Field - You've just beaten the Great Deku Tree's curse and left behind everything you know. Does Link seem worried? Hell no. The world is your oyster and it's time to explore! At least that's how I feel when I get to Hyrule field. The music really fits that feeling you first have when you step out of the woods and grasp the scale of the game, how much there is to explore and do. It reminds you that this is a game about adventure! An epic adventure, with owls and swords and shit. This is perhaps one of the most nostalgic for me. There was no ‘googling’ walkthroughs it was just me, my brother and this huge undiscovered land of Hyrule. Neither of us had any clue what would happen next.  

3. Zelda's Lullaby - This song has been in almost every LoZ game since featuring in A Link to the Past, in 1992. Which makes sense - It's Zelda's theme and she's been a pretty important character… the series is named after her. Zelda's Lullaby plays an integral role in the gameplay of OoT; any time we have to prove our connection to the Royal Family of Hyrule we use that song and all sorts starts to happen! We can even use it to open Temples and graves, suggesting it goes back to before Zelda was born… and most importantly of all, the notes form the Triforce! I love how this piece progresses. It’s so beautiful and delicate at the beginning which I believe represents the relationship of Zelda and Link as children. As the piece progresses it becomes such much more grandeur and powerful which I think represents Zelda and Link’s relationship as adults. Though, in the story we know it to be the song of the Royal Family of Hyrule, I actually think it’s more than that. It’s a story of a relationship will last throughout all of time.

4. Song of Storms - This song is unforgettable. It's probably one of the catchiest Zelda songs, and my personal favourite. It's quite amusing that we never find out exactly where this song comes from… thanks to the power of time travel, Link teaches it to himself vicariously through the windmill guy, (at the same time we sow the seeds of his future madness, essentially ruining his life). It's obviously a powerful song though, as it can control the weather... Did Link create it himself? Where did it come from? I guess we'll never know.

5. Kotake and Koume - Twinrova, the twin witches who raised Ganondorf, guardians of the Spirit Temple. Their theme music is one of my favourite because musically, it is very interesting; there's a lot of (what we call in music) ‘call and response’. The melodic phrases jump back and forth, which I think is a potential nod to them being twins and arguing all the time. At least until they fuse into one and become even more irritating. *Sigh*

Obviously, I love pretty much every song in the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, but these are the first 5 that came to mind. Which pieces of music from Ocarina of Time stuck with you? Let us know in the comments, and who knows, maybe you'll hear a Trend Orchestra rendition in the future!

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